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Student Directory

The Pitt Dental Medicine Student Online Directory is available only to those with Pitt Dental Medicine SharePoint access permission. Log in is required.

Each of the quick links below will display the selected class on the Pitt Dental Medicine SharePoint site. To ensure the security of our students, you will be asked to log into this site using your Pitt Username and ID. Please allow a few seconds for all of the photos to load.

  • To see an enlargement of the student's photo in a new window, simply click on it.
  • To contact any student, please click on their name in the list, then select show more from the pop up window. From here, you may send an email or Teams (chat) message to the student.

FERPA Reminder
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, in-part, prohibits the sharing of student educational records to non-University individuals or entities without written consent of the student. The School of Dental Medicine recognizes directory information as educational record, and as such, rosters containing directory information should be exclusively used for educational purposes and should not be distributed outside of the University or posted in a public manner.
Student directory information may include but is not limited to: name, email address, phone number, and photographs. If a non-University entity requests student directory information, please forward such requests to the Office of Student Affairs.
Additionally, Provider Numbers and PeopleSoft Numbers are considered educational record, and rosters containing such record should be inaccessible to students, used confidentially, and disposed of discreetly.
Thank you for ensuring the safety and security of our students.
Additional information regarding FERPA can be found in the University of Pittsburgh Access to Student Educational Records Policy 09-08-01.
If you have questions or concerns regarding FERPA, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

If you experience difficulty logging into Share Point, please contact Pitt Health Sciences Information Technology.

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