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Dental Patient Referrals to Pitt Dental Medicine Specialty Practices

Pitt Dental Medicine Specialty Practices support community dentists and other health professionals by providing specialist dental therapies and treatments your patients. Our dental specialties offer your patients the highest-quality treatment through our Specialty Practices. This service allows you to refer one of your patients to Pitt Dental Medicine for specialty treatments, then return the patient to your services.

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Residency Referral Services

Several of the Pitt Dental Medicine Specialty Practices have formed a cooperative network, the Residency Referral Service. To refer a patient to one of the participating practices, please complete the Residency Referral Services form and submit to the required department, as directed on the form, or contact them at their following phone number.

Residency Referral Services form




Referrals to General Practice Residency at UPMC Dental Center

If you are a dentist or physician who would like to refer a patient to the UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside Dental Center, please call 412-648-6328 or fax the referral to 412-648-6505.