Faith M Mahan BS


Faith Mahan is an instructor and serves as the first year clinic coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program.  She is the course director for Dental Hygiene Seminar I, II, and the Introduction to Dental Hygiene course.  She also serves as co-course director of Dental Hygiene Pre-clinic course.

Ms. Mahan earned a certificate in Dental Hygiene from the University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program in 1994, a bachelors in Dental Hygiene in 2006, with a focus in education. Ms. Mahan worked in both general and periodontal practices. Faith Mahan worked as a part time clinical instructor in the Dental Hygiene Department in 2008, and was appointed to a full time faculty position in 2013.

She serves as chair of the 1st year  Clinical Evaluation Committee, is a member of  the 2nd year Clinical Evaluation Committee, and Dental Hygiene Outcomes Committee. Faith Mahan holds memberships in the American Dental Hygiene Association, Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene Association, and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).  

Education & Training
University of Pittsburgh, BS, 2004


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