Professional Opportunity: Associate Clinical Director

Type of Opportunity
Associate Clinical Director

Purpose and Scope
As a mission-based practice looking to raise and expand the practice of oral healthcare in under-served communities, the Associate Clinical Director is a practicing dentist who works in a team setting with other dental providers, center staff and the executive management team to ensure efficient, quality, and timely care. S/he provides direct dental care to patient’s ages six months to 18 years old, including clinical diagnosis, evaluation, studies and treatment services and education. In accordance with the mission, and in conjunction with the CEO and the Clinical Director the Associate Clinical Director will oversee the day to day clinical dentist pool.
Job Responsibilities
• Provides restorative and preventive dental treatment to children in accordance with the AAPD, including, but not limited to the following:
• Examines teeth and gums for infections and diseases, prepares charts of mouth and teeth; x-rays and diagnoses diseases and lesions; prepares cavities and fills them with appropriate materials; extracts teeth and roots; treats infections and diseases of the mouth and teeth; administers local anesthesia and conscious sedation; and prepares, fits, adjusts and finishes appliances and crowns.
• Performs simple diagnostic tests on site including radiology and laboratory tests, as needed.
• Develops a comprehensive treatment plan with public health emphasis and attention to overall health status.
• Prescribes medications.
• Records organized legible entries in patient records and in referrals or correspondence.
• Evaluate new clinical products and materials
• Provides OR services
• Attends events/meetings/in-services determined important to the mission or as determined by the CEO and Clinical Director.
• Interviews and assists Human Resources with the interviewing of Kids Smiles (KS) dentists.
• Onboard new dentists
• Provides support and direction to other dentists and clinical staff. Offers peer-review and patient record management quality assurance with all KS locations.
• Act as the coordinator and liaison to the clinical director for the Kids Smiles dentist pool.
• Manage and direct the dentists in order to assure the mission is being met and the clinical services are delivered in an efficient manner.
• Evaluates the delivery of services and presents strategic recommendations to the Clinical Director andCEO that will assist in enhancing and improving clinical operations.
• Solicits feedback and prepares the agenda and related materials for dentist staff meetings.
• Recommend new programs and clinical changes that are needed in the clinical area.
• Works with front office managers to ensure smooth and efficient patient care.
• Offers feedback to the clinical director about the job performance for each clinical dentist and assist with other clinical staff reviews in conjunction with requests from the Human Resources department.
• Oversight of day-to-day clinical operations.
• Periodically assess and reviews EFDA’s clinical skills.
• As requested by CEO or Clinical Director -Attend at all relevant Kids Smiles and Board of Director meetings.


Dental Insurance
Health Insurance

Required Experience

Required Experiences and Skills
• Graduated from an accredited School of Dental Medicine with a specialty in Pediatrics OR has extensive experience working with kids
• Possession of a current active license from Pennsylvania.
• 5+ years’ experience as a Dentist.
• Member of Pennsylvania Dental Association and American Dental Association, required.
• Management experience required.
• Proven record of ability to plan and supervise a dental program.
• Pending government approval, possible loan repayment.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent decision making, interpersonal, and teaching skills.
Must obtain training from pediatric dental partners, learn about best practices set forth by the AAPD, and participate in basic management training coursework as offered.


Name of Practice
Kids Smiles
Practice Type


2924 Island Ave.