Other CCDG Collaborations

Collaborations Map

CCDG faculty provide statistical genetic and other expertises to investigators around the world. 

Prematurity Genetics

The CCDG collaborated with Dr. Jeff Murray and other researchers at the University of Iowa and University of Pittsburgh in their projects focusing on the genetics of prematurity.  Preterm labor resulting in the delivery of a premature infant is a complex problem whose devastating impact on individuals, families make it a major contributor to human mortality and lifelong disability. There are many predictors for preterm birth, but single best predictor is a previous preterm birth.  Research initiative aims include: genome-wide association (GWA) analysis in Danish, African American, and Pittsburgh-based populations, analysis of candidate genes, and fine mapping of GWA results.

African Americans dbGaP

Danish dbGaP

Funding provided by National Institutes of Health, March of Dimes, and Gates Foundation.

Psychiatric Genetics

The CCDG also collaborated with Drs. Ralph TarterMichael Vanyukov, and Brion Maher in projects examining the genetics of substance abuse, depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

Myopia Genetics

The CCDG collaborated with Dr. Don Mutti and Dr. Jeff Murray as well as other investigators from the Ohio State University and University of Iowa in projects focusing on the genetics of myopia.