White Coat Ceremony

August 27, 2018  3 p.m.  Scaife Hall Auditoriums 5 and 6

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine White Coat Ceremony is an exciting part of the general assembly held at the beginning of each academic year. During this espoused tradition, incoming students are welcomed into the School of Dental Medicine family and receive their first white coats, signifying the beginning of their careers in dental medicine and dental hygiene.

Your donation of $50 or more supports the School of Dental Medicine White Coat Ceremony and gives a warm welcome to the newest members of our family.

In addition to supporting the 2018 White Coat Ceremony, alumni are encouraged to write an incoming predoctoral or dental hygiene student a short inspiring note to energize them as they begin this intense study and personal growth period.

The White Coat Ceremony receives support in part from the Harry K. Zohn (DMD ’84) and Cecile A. Feldman, DMD White Coat Endowment Fund as well as contributions from our alumni and friends.

For questions about the White Coat Ceremony, please contact Ms. Nancy Poe via email, or at 412-648-8910.

Donations for the 2018 White Coat Ceremony that are received by August 8, 2018 will be acknowledged online. Please indicate if you prefer that your name not be listed online.

White Coat Ceremony 2018 Live Video Feed

Family members, friends, faculty, and alumni are invited to attend this profound ceremony. If you are not able to attend in person you can watch a live streaming broadcast on our Web site.

View last year's live feed here:

Live Stream White Coat Ceremony 2017
Monday, August 28, 2017, 3pm.

You may view past White Coat Ceremonies: