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Certificate in Dental Public Health

The School of Dental Medicine Certificate in Dental Public Health program enrolls a select number of Pitt Dental Medicine students who have an interest in social & public policy and community service programs, with a focus on community-based oral health. The certificate is awarded to each student who has completed 15 units of coursework (six units will be designated as shared/credited SCOPE participation), including a mix of experiential learning and didactic coursework. Requirements of the program include a practicum, where the student will develop and/or engage in a community health program. The certificate appears on the student’s transcript as a degree goal and also will appear on their final transcript.

Pre-doctoral dental students (generally 10-15 students per class) are admitted to the Certificate Program during the spring semester of year-one and no later than the end of their second year. Admission is based upon review of personal goals, grades, and interview. While some courses are specific to the program and mandatory, other selective courses are specific to each student's interests in consultation with the certificate director.

Requirements for admission to the program include

1. A minimum Pitt Dental Medicine GPA of 3.3 at the time of application. 
2. A two-part essay describing the student’s current & prior interest in dental public health, and anticipated application in their future career.
3. A letter of recommendation from a School of Dental Medicine faculty member.
4. Maintenance of academic grade point of 3.3

Required curriculum to complete the Certificate Program

There are thirteen units of required courses that are taken during the second through fourth-year. This includes an individually tailored practicum (community project) which is multi term and generally achieved during years three and/or four. In order to complete the 15-unit certificate requirement, there are two additional units that need to be completed during the four year DMD experience, which may be taken from a director-approved list of selectives at the school and/or an approved course at the PPH (Pitt School of Public Health), provided that consent by their departments and instructors is granted.

3 shared credits with DMD degree. 
Approved share by Provost office

3 shared credits with DMD degree. 
Approved share by Provost office

Contemporary Issues in Dental Public Health (CDENT 5916)
2 credits (Drs. Rubin/Balakrishnan)

Dental Public Health Policy and Advocacy (CDENT 5930)
1 credit (Drs. Balakrishnan/Rubin)

Community Service Practicum Independent Study (CDENT 5900)

3 credits (multi -term) Drs. Rubin/Balakrishnan

Two additional units of credit must be taken in addition to the above. This may be selected from a list of approved School of Dental Medicine “selective” courses.

Certificate in Dental Public Health is earned when 15-17 total credits have been earned in accordance with the program requirements.