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Department of Diagnostic Sciences Research

Department faculty are actively involved in research in the areas of oral cancer of transplant patients, viral carcinogenesis, oral pathology, oral manifestations of systemic disease, and advanced imaging techniques. The list below provides a synopsis of current and ongoing faculty research pursuits.

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Bilodeau

  • Clinicopathologic, immunohistochemical and molecular features of various odontogenic and salivary gland tumors
  • Medical conditions and medication use in a dental clinic population
  • See her complete profile

Dr. James Guggenheimer

  • Causes and treatment of xerostomia
  • Dental disease and oral care of the organ transplant patient
  • Oral disease in patients with end stage liver disease
  • Risks associated with acetaminophen and opioids in dental patients
  • Sociodemographic characteristics of patients with dental emergencies
  • Medical conditions and medication use in a dental clinic population
  • See his complete profile

Dr. Anitha Potluri

  • Analysis of dental implants utilizing advanced imaging techniques
  • Three-dimensional cone beam volumetric imaging; incidental findings and head and neck pathologies
  • Radiographic pattern of various head and neck pathologies
  • See her complete profile

Dr. Joanne Prasad

  • Clinical, histological, and immunohistochemical profile of oral and maxillofacial soft tissue lesions
  • Addressing health disparities and dental subpopulations
  • Quality in healthcare
  • See her complete profile

Dr. Kurt Summersgill

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) molecular epidemiology and oral cancer
  • Genetic Analysis of Oral Preneoplasia and Cacinoma using Tissue Microarrays  
  • See his complete profile

Dr. Suvendra Vijayan

  • Use of 3D printing in dentistry and education.
  • Use of AI for improving image quality of radiographs.
  • Reduction of radiation doses to patients using AI and deep learning.

Dr. Mark Wrigley