Are you interested in attending an International Advanced Standing Program to earn US DMD?

International dentists who are interested in applying to International Advanced Standing Programs (IASP) may improve their opportunity for acceptance into Dental Medicine programs in USA by working as a dental assistant. Joining the Pitt Dental Medicine team as a dental assistant will give you the skills and experience needed to improve your application to any US-based advance-standing program. You also will gain insight into how US dental schools generally work during your time here. For example, Dr. Lutfiie Abliaieva worked as a dental assistant in the Pediatric Dentistry department before applying to the IASP, and now is working toward her DMD at Pitt.

"Working at University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine as a dental assistant provided me an opportunity to work with the faculty and staff that trains dental students and residents. Their compassion, personalized care, supervision and guidance contributed immensely to my growth and learning."

—Sadiya Khatoon, BDS
Department of Periodontics Dental Assistant

To learn more about the open dental assistant positions at Pitt Dental Medicine, please visit the Pitt Talent Center.