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Pitt Dental Medicine is Sending Mice to Space!

Members of the INTINI Lab, from left to right: Luigi Mancinelli, PhD; Roberta Di Carlo, PhD; Giuseppe Intini, DDS, PhD; Xuehui Geng, MD, MS; Taiana Campos Leite, DDS, MS.

The NASA Team of the Pitt Dental Medicine INTINILAB is traveling to Florida to prepare for the launch of the SpaceX-26 RR25 mission—scheduled for November 18. 

In collaboration with RevBio, Inc., the team will study the effects of lack of gravity on skeletal stem cells and will test the ability of a special "bone superglue" manufactured by RevBio to induce bone regeneration. The superglue may be helpful for future long-term space traveling as well as for treatment of bone fractures on Earth. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Florida!