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Pitt Dental Medicine Student Chosen for a Schweitzer Fellowship

Pitt Dental Medicine DMD Class of 2024 student, Sindhu Gopalaswamy, BDS, MS, has been chosen as a Schwietzer Fellow for the 2023-24 academic year. Her project will address the management of the oral health care needs in special needs population. 

“I am always in admiration of the tenacity and the strength displayed by people with special needs and their families. Therefore, this project envisions enabling them to more effectively and independently manage their oral health care needs.  

As dentists, oral health education is an imperative part of any dental treatment plan. During my time in the Pitt Oral and Craniofacial Sciences program, the significance of multifactorial inheritance in oral health care was emphasized. My project stems from these two terms. The aim is to educate the targeted group to understand and address the impact of systemic health on oral health, and vice versa. 

At the end of my fellowship, I hope that the people I work with will be able to ask the right questions to receive the care that they deserve.” 

—Sindhu Gopalaswamy BDS, MS