2014 Dean's Summer Scholars

Sara Barna

  • Paired with Drs. Marnie Oakley and Jean O'Donnell
  • Doctor of Pharmacy from Duquense University
  • "Support for Medical/Dental Collaboration to Address Opioid Prescribing Trends"

Karunesh Chakote

  • Paired with Dr. Kurt Summersgill
  • BS in finance from New York University
  • "Sociodemographic Characteristics and Treatment of Patients with Emergency Dental Conditions"

Roman Garcia

  • Paired with Dr. Zsuzsa Horvath
  • BA in philosophy and BA in history from Florida Atlantic University
  • "Assessment of the Status Quo of Clinical Grading Practices in Dental Education"

Katelyn Hilands

  • Paired with Dr. Alex Vieira
  • BS in biology Juaniata College
  • "Tooth Loss Trends Based on Risk Factors for Periodontitis"

Jinpyo Hong

  • Paired with Dr. Seth Weinberg
  • "Nasal Asymmetry in the Unaffected Parents of Children with Orofacial Clefts: A Possible Phenotypic Risk Marker"

Ryan Kang

  • Paired with Dr. Heather Szabo-Rogers
  • BS in biology from the University of Minnesota
  • "Characterization of the Role of Dentin Sialophosphoprotein in Mouse Tooth & Craniofacial Development"

Katherine Ni

  • Paired with Dr. Charles Sfeir
  • BA in physics from Grinnell College
  • "Experimental Calcium Phosphate Cement for Pulp Regeneration"

Sruthi Satishchandran

  • Paired with Dr. Hongjiao Ouyang
  • "Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Bone Marrow Stromal Cells' Support of Multiple Myeloma Growth"

Chelsea Stein

  • Paired with Dr. Heiko Spallek
  • BS in neuroscience from the University of Michigan
  • "Development of a Chronic Pain Management Mobile App"

Vivek Sharma