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Konstantinos Verdelis DDS PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Konstantinos Verdelis is an assistant professor with a shared appointment between the School of Dental Medicine Departments of Endodontics and Oral Biology. He is a member of the School of Dental Medicine Center for Craniofacial Regeneration and has a secondary appointment at the University of Pittsburgh McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

He graduated from the School of Dentistry of the National University of Athens, Greece, in 1994, and from the postgraduate Specialty in Endodontics Program of Columbia University, New York, in 1998. He received his PhD in Oral Biology from the University of North Carolina in 2006, with a thesis focusing on dentin maturation in a normal animal model which was completed at the Mineralized Tissue ProgramĀ  of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. He continued his training as a postdoctoral associate at the same program until 2011, when he moved to the University of Pittsburgh to assume his current position. He was the recipient of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) K08 Mentored Clinical Training Award and an F32 postdoctoral mentored award, under which he completed the biggest part of his PhD thesis and postdoctoral training.

In addition to clinical and academic teaching of endodontics, he focuses on mineralized tissue research through the use of microcomputed tomography and spectroscopic imaging for 1. study of the function of matrix proteins in the dental tissues and bone, 2. anatomical and evaluation of the outcome from clinical procedures studies in Endodontics. He is in charge of the in vivo microcomputed tomography CCR core and a consultant for the ex vivo microcomputed tomography core of Allegheny General Hospital (Cardiovascular Research Institute) in Pittsburgh. In this capacity, he is a co-investigator in research projects based at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and School of Engineering, UPMC Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, and Allegheny General Hospital.


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