DMD Reapplication

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The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine receives numerous applications during the application cycle. An applicant who has not received an offer of admission is welcome to reapply during any subsequent application cycle. It is recommended that the applicant upgrade the application in the following ways:

  • Submit your application early.
    School of Dental Medicine applicants increase in both number and quality yearly. An application received at a late point in the cycle will not be given the same consideration as an application received at an earlier date.
  • Continue to improve the academic portion of your application by enrolling in high-level science courses to improve understanding of the material and GPA. If applicant has obtained a degree, consideration should be given to a master's degree in basic science area or a full-time one year post-baccalaureate program in the basic sciences.
  • Demonstrate continuing motivation by extending commitment to volunteering and shadowing within the profession.
  • Retake the DAT after sufficient preparation.

All non-admitted applicant files are destroyed at the end of each cycle.
Applicants must reapply through AADSAS, and must include all updated documentation and letters of recommendation.