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DMD Financial Aid Forms

Now that you have been accepted to the School of Dental Medicine, it’s time to complete the School's financial aid application. To ensure that you receive the financial support you need, it is imperative that you follow the instructions and meet all deadlines for financial aid processing. Please complete and upload all documents as instructed before March 30, 2024. 

Students turning in documents after the deadline will be processed after all on-time applications have been processed. Waivers for tuition will not be granted; therefore, the student must pay any late fees and make arrangements for living expenses.

Please be advised that your student loans will arrive in two equal disbursements. The first will be disbursed one week prior to the start of the Fall term (to cover your fall tuition charges), and the second will be disbursed one week prior to the start of the Spring term (to cover your spring tuition charges). 

Financial aid is credited for Fall and Spring terms only. You will have to budget any refunds to cover your summer term costs, typically around $600.00.

International students not qualifying for federal aid may apply for a private loan.  It is the student’s responsibility to find a lender. You will need a credit worthy co-signer who is a U.S. Citizen for this type of loan.


DMD Financial Aid Forms 2024-25

Please read each of the following documents in the order presented. 
Complete and submit as instructed on each form.

DMD Financial Aid Application Information 2024-25

DMD Financial Aid Checklist 2024-25

Pitt Dental Medicine Financial Aid Application 2024-25

Pitt Dental Medicine Supplemental HPL Application 2024-25