Radiology Imaging Service

Revolutionize your practice with digital 2-D imaging and 3-D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging.

Our Radiology Service offers a variety of radiographic and consultative services by a board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist.

Services available include

3D imaging

Medical Radiology tech captures all cross-sectional imaging.

CBCT is a valuable diagnostic tool in treatment planning for Implants, Maxillofacial trauma, Orthodontic and Orthognathic procedure planning, TMJ analysis and Sinus pathology.

We provide CBCT imaging and interpretation for 4 volume sizes: single site, single or double jaw, and full volume.

2D imaging

Certified and experienced dental assistants capture all 2D digital imaging.

Periapicals, Bitewings, Occlussal, Panoramic, Cephalometric and Extraoral bitewings for special circumstances

Formal interpretation reports

Formal interpretation reports for all types of imaging studies of the oral and maxillofacial region including cone beam CTs, and conventional planar images

Consultation on all types of studies available

Consultation on all types of studies available

Consultation on digital radiographic equipment purchase, Radiation hygiene, QA programs.

Continuing education

Continuing education courses on various topics related to Radiology

  1. Digital Radiology

  2. Pathology on Radiographs: review and interesting cases

  3. Advanced imaging: latest and place in dentistry

  4. CBCT imaging: Implementation to Interpretation

  5. CBCT Interpretation “Boohs”

  6. Panoramic interpretation: every dentist's friend.

Imaging service

Please complete Patient Referral Form and CBCT Consult Form
and mail to
3501 Terrace St
G-119 Salk Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

  • Send a valid prescription with relevant clinical diagnosis, diagnostic code and any pertinent clinical information or specific instructions for the tech. Imaging can be mailed back to you on a CD or a USB memory stick with in 24 hrs. You can fax the prescription to us or send it along with the patient.

  • For CBCT imaging, please provide specific instructions if you just need a viewer or you need DICOM images on a separate CD. Specific scan protocols. Image patient with a template or template separately. Please send your instructions and we will image them accordingly.

  • Quick turn around time on imaging and reporting

  • Our prices are very reasonable and competitive

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  • Sheila Schrembeck
    Medical Radiology Tech Supervisor

  • Karly Gibbons
    Certified Radiology Dental Assistant

  • Samantha Dryburgh
    Certified Radiology Dental Assistant

For more information on this service or any of your Radiology needs

  • Radiology front desk 412-648-8612

  • Dr. Potluri office 412-648-8633

  • Erin King, Administrator’s office 412-648-8636

  • Fax 412-383-9142 with attn. to Radiology

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