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CCR Resources




The Center for Craniofacial Regeneration is comprised of 23,000 square feet of research space in the recently constructed Salk Hall Research Pavilion. The pavilion, completed in 2015, includes not only a bioscience tower but a spacious atrium and a café. The open concept laboratories and office spaces create an environment that encourages innovative collaboration. In addition to labs and offices, the Research Pavilion includes kitchens, conference rooms and common areas in a Silver LEED-certified building that, like the work performed here, both continues a tradition of excellence and is poised at the forefront of development.



The CCR maintains two floors of laboratories in the Salk Hall Research Pavilion bioscience tower equipped with molecular biology, biochemistry, histology and biomechanical resources. These state-of-the-art labs are specifically suited for, among other areas, tissue cultures, biocellular research and materials characterization. The CCR features three core facilities, all with established good laboratory practice-like processes, focusing on micro computed tomography (microCT), histology and biomechanics. Visit our Analytic Cores page for in-depth information about our three analytical cores, their equipment and their staffing.



Among the resources the labs offer are tissue culture facilities, microscopy imagining systems and biomechanical apparatus. The CCR’s computing resources include a server that supports electronic lab notebooks, protocols and communications. CCR’s research space also offers shared computer work stations and work stations for students and post-doctoral fellows. In addition, several servers exist within the CCR to support microCT software.