Dental Registry and DNA Repository

There is an overwhelming need to better understand the interactions between genes, behavior, diet/nutrition, infectious agents, environment, and society - not to mention the need to find the best way to conduct research opportunities during these challenging budget times. With all of that in mind, we have established the Dental Registry and DNA Repository (DRDR) at the School of Dental Medicine in order to obtain clinical information and a biological sample from all individuals seeking treatment at the School of Dental Medicine. To our knowledge, the Dental Registry and DNA Repository is the only project in the world to keep a comprehensive set of dental phenotypes linked to DNA samples.

To make this resource possible throughout the years, the DRDR has had the help of many undergraduate students, dental students, high school students, and visiting scholars. The DRDR welcomes the support of students, and professionals. Undergraduate students are especially encouraged to become a part of the DRDR. Opportunities exist for credit or internship.


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