2017 Dean's Summer Research Scholars


Andrew Bertot

  • BS in biology and BA in Spanish from the University of Central Florida
  • Paired with Dr. Seth Weinberg
  • "Investigating the Effects of Prenatal Androgen Exposure on Dental Phenotypes"

Patrick Donnelly

  • BS in Chemistry from the University of Scranton, PhD in chemistry from Princeton University
  • Paired with Dr. Juan Taboas
  • “A Chorioallantoic Culture Model to Evaluate Pulp Regeneration Therapies”

Kaitlyn Frey

  • BS in biology from Shippensberg University
  • Paired with Dr. Fatima Syed-Picard
  • “Scaffold-free Tissue Engineered Constructs formed from Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells”

Tanner Grace

  • BS in mathmatics from Villanova University
  • Paired with Dr. Kelly Williams
  • “The Effect of Implant System, Location, and Medical History on Crestal Bone loss in the Pitt Dental Clinic”

Andrew Herr

  • BS in Human biology from Michigan State University
  • Paired with Drs. Elizabeth Bilodeau and Anitha Potluri
  • “Evidence-based Practices: Awareness and Application of Radiographic Selection Criteria”

John Huyser

  • BA in biology from Syracuse University
  • Paired with Drs. Adriana Modesto and Danielle Cooper
  • “Familiarity and Perception of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH)

Ariana Kelly

  • BS in clinical dietetics with a minor in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Paired with Dr. Alex Vieira
  • “Measuring Microscopic Structures of Enamel Gives Insight on Caries”

Daryna Koval

  • BS in psychology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Paired with Dr. Elizabeth Bilodeau
  • “Assessment of Unique Gamification Strategies Across Multiple Higher Education Disciplines”

Cara Maloney

Monil Mehta

  • BS in microbiology from the University of Tennessee
  • Paired with Dr. Elia Beniash
  • “Classical Autofluorescence Reduction Approaches are Ineffective for Human Enamel Tufts”

Erin Schwoegl

  • BS in biology with a minor in women’s, gender and sexuality studies from Ohio State University
  • Paired with Dr. Satish Kumar
  • “Reflective Journaling in Dental Students’ Periodontology Education”

Rene Stephens

  • BS in biochemistry and BS in molecular biology from Gettysburg College
  • Paired with Drs. Sarah Grafton and Katie Ryan
  • “Educating Dentists on Treating Patients Reporting Cannabis Use”

Casey White

  • BS in neuroscience and a BA in art history from Lafayette College
  • Paired with Dr. Heather Szabo-Rogers
  • “A Five-Gene Expression Toolbox for Mouse Eye Development”