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Research Project Clearinghouse

The DPH Project Clearinghouse is available for the public to facilitate interaction between researchers or project managers with available research projects/data and students looking for research data to support residency projects or masters/doctoral theses work. Individuals with projects can post here the details they wish to make available to students. All postings are done by the individual researchers, but undergo an editorial review by the Clearinghouse site manager before being placed on public display.

List of Active Grants

Identifying Mediated Pathways of Risk for Substance Abuse, N. Markovic.

Gene by Behavioral Environment Interactions in Chronic Periodontitis (K23), D. Polk

Feasibility of a New Pathway Mediating the Association Between Psychosocial Stress and Periodontal Disease: Local Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, D. Polk

University Community Leaders & Individuals with Disabilities, (The LEND Center), R. Rubin

Genetic Factors Contributing to Oral Health Disparities in Appalachia, R. Weyant, D. Polk

The Environment in Pediatric Tooth Brushing Frequency, D. Polk, R. Weyant.