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Endodontics Specialty Practice

Referrals to the Endodontics Specialty Practice are accepted from general dentists, specialists and from within Pitt Dental Medicine. 

Patients cannot self-refer.
If you are a patient, please visit our General Dentistry Practice page.

Professional Referrals

Patients in the Endodontics Specialty Practice are seen only by professional referrals.
Healthcare professionals should complete our referral process at the link below.

Refer your patient to Pitt Dental Medicine Endodontics Specialty Practice

Services Provided by the Endodontics Specialty Practice

The Endodontic Specialty Practice provides the full spectrum of endodontic care, including root canal therapies, root canal re-treatments, endodontic microsurgeries and vital pulp therapies, among other treatments. We also work cooperatively with the other Pitt Dental Medicine Specialty Practices and can internally refer you to ensure you receive all of the care your dentist recommends.

What to Bring to Your Patient's First Appointment

  • Your patient should plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment time to complete their medical history. 
  • If your patient has dental insurance, they should bring their insurance information with them to the appointment.
  • Upon arrival, your patient will check in at the reception desk and present their appointment and insurance information to the receptionist.
  • Patients younger than 18 years of age will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian and the signature of a parent or guardian is required on forms.

What to Expect

Your patient's first visit will be for the root canal treatment—please allow 2 hours for this appointment.  To complete treatment a second appointment is sometimes needed.

Fees and Payment Options

We accept a variety of private insurances. Please check with the insurance carrier to verify coverage. Payment options are available and can be reviewed during the appointment.

Learn more about insurance and fees

Department of Endodontics
3501 Terrace St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15261


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