2015 Dean's Summer Scholars


Sarah Albani

  • Paired with Drs. Wankiiri-Hale and Zsuzsa Horvath
  • MA in teaching from Georgetown University, BS in biology and BA in music from University of Pittsburgh
  • "Training Future Dentists for an Academic Career: A Three-Tiered Model"

Cristina Armbruster

Keri Chen

  • Paired with Drs. Kurt Summersgill and James Guggenheimer
  • BA in biochemistry and BA in computational and applied mathematics from Rice University
  • "Patient Referral Characteristics of a Clinical Oral Pathology Practice"

Nicholas DiLeo

  • Paired with Dr. Juan Taboas
  • "Mechanical Strain and the Introduction of PTH"

Paul Herman

Jose Jacas

  • Paired with Dr. Alejandro Almarza
  • BS in biology from the University of Florida
  • "Protective Effect of Extracellular Matrix TMJ Implant on Condylar Cartilage"

Eric Moe

  • Paired with Dr. Heiko Spallek
  • BS in bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh
  • "Examining Quality Matters as a Standard for Online Dental Education"

Adil Omar

  • Paired with Dr. Hongjiao Ouyang
  • "IRE1α Plays an Essential Role in Regulating Dentinogenesis and Odontoblastic Differentiation

Priscila Quito

  • Paired with Dr. Deborah Polk
  • BS in biology with a minor in business administration from the University of Central Florida
  • "Improving Oral Health for Mexican Immigrant Families: A Narrative Review"