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UDHS Dental Services and Providers

UDHS provides a full range of services for adults and children, including restorative dentistry, endodontics (such as root canals), orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics (treatment of gum disease), and prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, and dentures). Special counseling and treatment is available for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain.


Cooke, Matthew, DDS, MD
Cuddy, Michael, DMD
Giovannitti, Joseph, DMD
Schwartz, Paul, DMD


Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

Huber, Heidi, DMD

Oral Hygiene

Ferree, Maryanne, RDH
Folino Gallo, Victoria, RDH
McClain, Hillary, RDH
Riccelli, Angelina, RDH
Wagner, Kelly, RDH

Oral Pathology

Bilodeau, Elizabeth, DMD, MD
Prasad, Joanne, DDS
Summersgill, Kurt, DDS

Oral Surgery

Adlesic, Edward, DMD
Chung, William, DDS, MD
Costello, Bernard, DMD,MD
Sosovicka, Mark, DMD


Pediatric Dentistry

Burgette, Jacqueline, DMD
Cooke, Matthew, DDS, MD
Studen-Pavlovich, Deborah, DMD


Famili, Pouran, DMD
Seyedain, Ali, DMD
Williams, Kelly, DMD


Azarbal, Atousa, DMD
Ference, John, DMD
Krzesinski, Maribeth, DDS


Potluri, Anitha, DMD


Barbaric, Filip, DMD
Eddens, Katie Ryan, DMD
Grafton, Sarah, DMD
Herndon, Christen, DMD
Noonan, Sean, DDS
Pawlowicz, Elizabeth, DMD
Taiclet, Lynne, DMD (Patients with Special Needs)
Tisot, Pamela, DMD
Wankiiri-Hale, Christine, DMD
Wrigley, Mark, DMD
Zaky, Samer, DMD