Cell Biology

Because manipulation of how specific pathways can guide cells to develop into specific tissues, cell biology and the study of bone and dentin gene expression have great implications for craniofacial regeneration. Our members are interested in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of bone and dentin and its role in cell signaling and differentiation. Providing the right clues for activation of the cell signaling pathways, the ECM provides the appropriate microenvironment for the cell to differentiate and exert its function.

CCR faculty performing research in the area of cell biology include:

Dr. Heather Szabo-Rogers Morphological and molecular determinants of normal and abnormal craniofacial development focusing on orofacial clefting and craniosynostosis using the Beetlejuice and Unicorn mutant mice

Dr. Dobrawa Napierala Molecular mechanisms underlying the craniofacial and dental phenotype of the Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome; role of the TRPS1 transcription factor in formation of the tooth and dental tissues, endochondral bone formation

Dr. Elia Beniash Development and function of ameloblast

Dr. Juan Taboas The progression of chondrocyte phenotype from stem cell-like to terminal hypertrophy using engineered tissues and live cell imaging and recapitulation of the embryonic growth plate

Dr. Charles Sfeir Role of periosteum in repair of bony defects