Regulation of the immune response has become an exciting new target for treatment of diseases, and especially periodontal disease, as there are no current therapies that address the host response of periodontal disease.  Currently, no approved therapies exist to address the immune response aspect of the disease. Modulating the immune response using local delivery of immune-modulatory factors is being investigated as a new way to treat periodontal disease and prevent associated bone loss.   Ongoing studies in CCR suggest a significant decrease in bone loss with immuno-modulation strategies indicating the prevention of periodontal disease and the maintenance of periodontal structures.  

CCR researchers investigating immuno-modulation include:

Dr. Charles Sfeir and Dr Steve Little Strategies to modulate the immune system to develop therapies for periodontal disease, involving local peptide or molecular agent delivery to attract T-regulatory cells, a subset of macrophages, or delivery of agents to treat periodontal disease