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DMD Third-Year Curriculum

The theme of the third year curriculum, “Multi-Disciplinary Patient Care”, reflects the immersion into patient care beginning in July between the second and third years. Students are assigned to their own patient families and provide care alongside a multi-disciplinary group of clinical faculty in the comprehensive care area, as well as various specialty areas throughout the school. Didactic courses in the clinical sciences continue throughout the third year along with simulation exercises in the management of medical emergencies through the University’s Wiser Institute. Standardized patient experiences allow students to practice “mistakes and apologies” as well as manage the angry patient. Third-year students also have the opportunity to participate in selective courses of interest to them.


Third Year Course Schedule

Fall Term Courses Credits
Professionalism and Ethics 7 1.0
Dentistry for Patients with Special Healthcare Needs 1.0
Management of Dental Emergencies 1.0
Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders 1.0
Anesthesia 3: Pain and Anxiety Control 1.0
Nitrous Oxide Lab 0.5
Advanced Local Anesthesia Tech Lab 0.5
Endodontics 3 1.0
Oral Surgery 3 1.0
Implantology 1 1.5
Spring Term Courses Credits
Professionalism and Ethics 8 1.0
Successful Practice Management 1-2 3.0
Seminars in Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine 1.5
Clinical Medicine 1.0
Medical Emergencies – WISER Center 0.5
Clinical Orthodontics 2.0
Oral Surgery 4 1.0
Periodontology 4 1.0
Implantology 2 1.5
Current Trends in Digital Dentistry 1.0
Digital Dentistry 2 1.0
Summer Term Courses Credits
Professionalism and Ethics 9 1.0
Successful Practice Management 3 3.0
Ethics and Behavioral Dentistry 2.0
Esthetic Restorative Dentistry 1.0
Multidisciplinary Case Studies 1.5
Clinical Emergency 1 2.0
Clinical Endodontics 1 2.0
Clinical Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 1 2.0
Clinical Oral Surgery 1 2.0
Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 1 2.0
Clinical Periodontics 1 2.0
Clinical Prosthodontics 1 3.0
Clinical Restorative Dentistry 1 2.0
Clinical Dentistry for Patients with Special Health Care Needs 1 2.0