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DMD Mentoring and Shadowing

The School of Dental Medicine is always happy to see our alumni and other dental professionals join us in providing mentoring and shadowing opportunities to students. Several resources are available to connect alumni and dental professionals with prospective and current students. 

Bridging & Bonding Beyond Dentistry

The goal of this program is to help current Pitt Dental Medicine students develop mentoring opportunities with Pitt Dental Medicine alumni in an effort to build relationships and embrace diversity and inclusion in its broadest definition.

Pitt Dental Medicine alumni and friends host a group of students and enjoy a Pitt Dental Medicine Family Dinner. Meals can range from home cooked to catered to restaurant style. We encourage alumni to host at least two students, and some alumni have joined together to co-host a group of students.

These meals provide alumni with the opportunity to focus not only on dentistry, but engage students in discussing similar experiences, ranging from being a first-generation dentist, business owner or associate, and/or underrepresented student. At the end of the year, mentors and students attend the Bridging & Bonding Beyond Dentistry Reception to celebrate and reflect on their connections established within the past year.

Learn more about becoming a Bridging & Bonding Mentor

Mentoring Events

Mentoring events are scheduled throughout the year. If  you are interested in joining one of the mentoring events, please call 412-641-0744, or email Gionna Pitrone.


At this time, we are not arranging shadowing opportunities at the School or with local dentists. Shadowing is a valuable experience and we recommend that you contact your family dentist for shadowing opportunities.

For more information about open house events for future applicants interested in dental school, please call 412-648-7471.